4 Good Reasons To Hold A Virtual Summit

Virtual Summits

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Here are 4 reasons that virtual summits are so wonderful at growing a business:

1. It’s A Win-Win

First, virtual summits are a “win-win-win” scenario. Everyone benefits! You grow your email list, visibility and profits. Attendees receive totally free training.

Guest speakers receive exposure to a new audience. Everyone wants to take part in it!

2. A Tried-And-True Business Growth Technique

Second, virtual summits use tried-and-true business growth techniques which can be applied to any niche.

For example, you’re not just fishing out in open waters for leads, but rather by bringing on guest speakers in your niche who promote your event to their audience, you are reaching a very targeted group of ideal customers who will actually want to become a part of your community, too!

3. Creates Urgency And Hence Rapid Sales

Third, a virtual summit, unlike an evergreen online course, has a limited-time nature authentically built in, encouraging urgency to engage and purchase.

Making sure our audience buys now, instead of later, is always a problem, but with a virtual summit, the real time-limiting factor reduces this objection significantly!

4. Repeat Opportunities

Lastly, a virtual summit by its nature is a type of marketing technique that is just filled with opportunities for authentic visibility.

Your voice and face is seen on every interview you do with your guest speakers!

The audience watching gets to know you, like you and trust you in a way that isn’t pushy – because you’re providing them tons of value through the content you’re delivering.

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