How a Virtual Summit Works (Overview)

Virtual Summits

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If you’re thinking about planning a virtual summit, we have some insights that could help you along the way. Actually, these 8 steps give you a very clear roadmap to designing your very own successful virtual summit.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking…

  • How does a virtual summit grow your email list?
  • How does a virtual summit bring in revenue?
  • How does a virtual summit grow your online community?
  • How does a virtual summit grow your relationships with influencers?

I’m going to give you an overview of just how virtual summits work to accomplish these things, and then we’ll do a deep dive into the 12-step process I developed for launching a virtual summit of your own.

Are you with me? Let’s go!

1. A Host Brings A Group Of Influencers Together

A host (that’s you!) works to bring together several influencers in a particular niche and records interviews with them

Sometimes it’s weird to just reach out to an influencer you want to know for no reason.

Cold emails are awkward, but when you have an event like a virtual summit that you want them to be a part of, you suddenly have an awesome way to break the ice!

Plus, you’re doing them a huge favor by giving them exposure to a new audience as a guest speaker.

It’s a great way to make a good first impression.

2. All of the influencers work to advertise and promote the summit, which brings together attendees from everyone’s email lists

Once you’re ready for the summit to be promoted, you and all the guest speakers will share the news with their email lists!

This means that thousands of people are going to learn about your event, register for it, and become your email subscriber!

3. The host encourages all their attendees to join their community to receive news about the summit.

Many attendees of your summit will have signed up many days or even weeks before the summit begins.

By inviting them to join your online community, like a Facebook group, you can keep them engaged with giveaways, announcements and more.

4. The hosts broadcasts the guest speaker interviews for a limited time

Just like a real conference, the interviews which the attendees came to see won’t be available forever.

A host will broadcast the interviews online according to a specific agenda for a limited time, but during this time frame, the content is totally free!

5. The host offers an “All-Access Pass” attendees may purchase

This is how the host makes money. Even though the virtual summit is technically free, those interviews are only available for a limited time.

After an attendee registers, they will be prompted with an upsell to buy the All-Access Pass which will grant the buyer lifetime access to a membership site where they can consume the content at their leisure.

6. Influencers are permitted to offer a lead magnet to the virtual summit attendees

The guest speakers on your summit grow their list by offering a free gift to the summit attendees where they can learn more about that particular speaker’s topic. This is usually achieved by putting a button on the landing page where the guest speakers’ video is being broadcast.

7.Guest speakers are also affiliates who earn commissions on their sales.

Remember how I said all the guest speakers will promote the event to their email lists?

A great incentive for them to do that is by making them affiliates of the event who will earn commissions for every sale of the All-Access Pass that their promotions generate!

8. In the eyes of the attendees and the world, the host has now established their authority in their niche by hosting this event.

The exposure that a host gets by launching a virtual summit comes from the positioning of themselves as an expert.

They are now seen as being on equal ground with the guest speakers on the summit, and the attendees see the host as being the most knowledgeable about the topic of the event.

That’s About It!

That is the high-level overview of how virtual summits work to grow your email list, revenue, relationships and authority. Whew

Now, are you ready to deep dive into what it actually takes to host your own summit?

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