2010 Mark Travers and his best friend started a blog when in Campus. The blog was more about his personal life, stories, relationships, stories about University lessons. Over time, (2 years to be precise) it revolves into more technological stuff.

2012 Mark finally makes the decision to concentrate fully on news and technological insights into start-up brands, new techie brands, silicon valley and ways the technological revolution is revolutionizing life. Readership grows to 1,500 readers per month.

2014 Weekly readers total 12,000 and growing. Thanks to a wide database, Mark decides to introduce interviews with little-known Start-Up founders who are mostly out of the private eye. Also, thanks to the revenue now coming in from the blog, Mark opts to resign from his place of work, to concentrate on building and taking brands to the market.

2016 It’s a tough year for blogging. Revenue dips to the $24,000 range. Hackers hit the website and crash it. This forces Mark back to the drawing board. he spends 12 months writing and developing code for a new website. In the process, he hits up a couple new clients who want him to undertake the same code-writing on their website. These projects take the greater part of the next 3 years.

Now: Mark sets up a new blogging platform where people from around the world can contribute their stories about how technology is transforming their life, business, perspective and opportunities. Expect to read stories from as far as Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, India and other countries where truly phenomenal Start-Up entrepreneurs are creating value in their community.

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